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Malicious Manifesto of Mister Maestro

Twitter: @1PeopleMW Website: www.memsripsofrhapsody.net We are mortal gods. Metaphysical men encapsulated in aging flesh, innately feeble in both mind and form. (Some are born princes, others paupers, but each god-like in his, or her, own way.) We

I Second that Emotion!

Twitter: @1PeopleMW www.memsripsofrhapsody.net The most frequently asked question I receive from women about men (next to “why do men cheat”) is, “do men have emotions?” To that I say unequivocally, “OF COURSE WE HAVE EMOTIONS, WE’RE HUMAN

Peace Week

Twitter: @1PeopleMW Website: www.memsripsofrhapsody.net The sentiment of “peace on Earth and goodwill toward men” is an annual phenomenon wherein all manners of selfishness are expected to take leave; typically occurring a few nights before Thanksgiving through the

the Human Animal

Twitter: @1PeopleMW www.memsripsofrhapsody.net I had this random, sort of goofy “ah-ha moment” that I wanted to get down on paper and share with others. But after seeing it in print I realized it wasn’t provocative enough to

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