Malicious Manifesto of Mister Maestro

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We are mortal gods. Metaphysical men encapsulated in aging flesh, innately feeble in both mind and form. (Some are born princes, others paupers, but each god-like in his, or her, own way.) We are cosmic travelers, bound to a driftwood of space tossed about by a tidal wave of time. We are, as one petty prince once proclaimed, “…pompously proud persons possessing a peculiar perspective imprisoned by the perplexity and pursuit of perpetual praise.” In fits of rage we roam and ravage like vexed deities. Vexed because we are void of the capacity to create. (We rearrange the form and function of what already exists, not create.)

We mortal gods, we mighty metaphysical men, are tormented with a festering wrath brought forth by lust and envy. Vain and fascist beings are we; intolerant of those who will not conform. We fear poverty so much that we sack and stockpile our neighbors’ resources to avoid it. We are gluttonous goons prone to consume the souls of our own children in a futile quest for immortality, celebrity or power. Content to remain as we are, we lack empathy and the aspiration to reason beyond our own interests. And we relish in the disadvantages of our fellow man. This is our nature, and what it means to be… HUMAN.

Since (the days of) our youth we have been instructed to suppress these human urges, yet scantily showed how to do so successfully. This is the case for two reasons. First, our mentors are morally obligated to advise us in this manner but lack the knowhow or discipline to do likewise. Still, the instinctive yearning to be “more than human” prevails because in our Martian subconscious, lost in the misty mist and dusty dust of antiquity, is the secret to immortality through the purging of immorality; which we, being permanently cloaked from this celestial science, now try to replicate under the guise of earthbound religions.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the sole objective of challenging individuals to suppress their human urges isn’t to produce good people; although this is the inevitable result. Rather the objective is to ultimately create naive serfs by deterring as many individuals as possible from a life of dominance. Being taught to share without recompense while others stockpile, to turn the other cheek while others seek legal retribution, and to think first of others while they plot to take the credit for the contributions of their peers guarantees that you will have, albeit enlightened, an inferior existence. This is because enlightenment, empathy, compassion, and selflessness leads to humility and lack of killer instinct; which indubitably makes one subservient.

Although [these natural] human characteristics are morally reprehensible those who resist counsel and pass through all social, economic, and moral filters to refine these human traits will become titans in their time. Individuals in society who are held in the highest regard, hoisted tall upon our shoulders. Anointed by [our] omission to lead and shape human history. The world has known such men (and women) throughout history as monarchs, dictators, conquerors, diabolical geniuses, the affluent, iconic persons at the pinnacle of their professions, mass murderers, serial killers, and the like. Such individuals are the authors of our narrative, be it during their lifetime or posthumously.

But despite their narcissistic ways we tolerate their tantrums and bouts of ill will because as much as they might harm a few, they also have the propensity to benefit all of mankind. The hope being, as much as they are innately human they remain relatively humane.

Only through intense self study of philosophy, poetry, astronomy, mathematics and human history, initiated by a sense of empathy acquired through suffering and a fear of poverty can we hope to suppress these natural urges. And If not through intense study, then by divine enlightenment are individuals pardoned from the human condition. Only in one of these two ways can our true nature be subdued.

For what reason any would intentionally choose to extinguish this flame within—to be a free thinker, cut off from the collective and set afloat in the abyss of individuality—I cannot fathom. Thus do not engage in intense self study, to educate yourself beyond the standard curriculum, or prayer and fasting for divine enlightenment, less you find yourself an outcast; non-conformant and alienated in the shadows of your convictions. If you are such a person nothing said in this manifesto will be a shock to you.

For your own good I implore you, do not hope to encounter anyone of intense self study or divine enlightenment; as to make them your mentors or meet them in leadership roles. Many of the individuals we find in positions of influence or authority would have arrived at these stations with little to no modification to the aforementioned human characteristics. It will be from these individuals that all truths and relevant ideas flow downward to their various sections of society. Therefore diligently follow the lead of your superior, so that if you ever find yourself in a leadership role you can rightly expect subordinates to follow you.

As ordered by the stars, the subjugated will be subjected to the subjections of their superiors; so that civilization and sophistication flow from the superior to the inferior. As such, all radical ideas any inferior utters was first communicated to them from their superior; either by osmosis, telepathy, or the culmination of previous interactions. This is the only rational explanation for apparent glimpses of intelligence in an inferior.

(In all seriousness, while it might be necessary to the order of things that a few persons have a superior role, e.g. parent to a child or leaders to followers, when determining if someone is superior to another do not base superiority on something as trivial and idiotic as race, color, creed, gender or the like. Superior is relative to inferior, and vice versa, at an individual level; that is to say when comparing the attributes of two individuals, e.g. physique, intellect, fighting skills, etc.)

Superiority and inferiority measured between two specific persons are transitional; not permanent states of being. Never make the mistake of determining superiority or inferiority at a group level. Determining superiority and inferiority is better served when based on a person’s natural propensity for wisdom, innate aptitude, and drive. All else is vanity. (Moreover, “there’s nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility is being superior to your former self.” —Ernst Hemingway)

As stated earlier, and thus conceded to be factual, all significant thoughts eventually come from a superior; hence a new thought must be attributed to him or her even when it escapes from the mouth of a subordinate (underlings, reports, or whatever term they use for inferiors). If an idea does come from the mouth of an inferior, it is immediately burned at the stake to be reborn of its ashes like the phoenix to rise from the mouth of the superior of which it was intended.

Lesser classes of men are never made (or maintained) through increased access to literacy and broad education, but rather by restricting access to them. And the narrow education that is permitted is intended to ensure a man is acceptable to his peers; by making him well versed in their truths and has refined himself according to their etiquette. So do not fool yourself into thinking of yourself as one of intense study or divine enlightenment. Know that any study you have undertaken thus far has been hardly intense enough. Instead, it has been to achieve conformance to your assigned class.

Standardized education (that which is given) and organized religion (that which is dictated) both work together for the benefit of those in power, to achieve a desired effect. Education, as stated above, is for indoctrination. Religion is in place to both filter out the true rulers of this world and incentivize compliance to what you have learned. Just as the greatest Christians shun the Qur’an while chief Muslims forsake the Bible so to must you choose only the knowledge that provides optimal conformity. It is better to be one of many in your culpability than one of few in your failings. Instead, gorge on disciplines and religions as they have been made available to you, to ensure optimal conformity.

Furthermore do not make yourself insane with intense self study or through meditation and fasting. Know and understand that sanity is based solely on the consensus of the majority. And that any degree of truth is merely a measure of this sanity. Truth cannot be separated from its span in time, for truth is disseminated to an age as those in that era are fit to receive it. Like when the Earth was flat in one age, and round in the next. Our ancestors watched as the Sun circled our world in their lifetime, only to have their descendants ride the planet as it orbits the Sun in theirs. Likewise in our day we are alone in the Universe, as we wait for yet another truth to reveal itself.

Just as in his time the acute madness of Galileo Galilei was sequestered by the chronic sanity of the Catholic Church, and how the accused in Salem freely drowned to validate their humanity in their time, so too shall you surrender to the truth of your time. Truth is, after all, a choice. Reality is perception. “As being is to becoming, so is pure intellect to opinion. And as intellect is to opinion, so is science to belief and understanding to the perception of shadows.” (Translated from Plato’s Republic)

To the rulers of our society; as much as you are able, see to it that in each generation unskilled laborers make bricks and mortar, skilled builders build, savvy realtors sell, inhabitants rent, and that landlords, made rich by their renters, commission the building of new dwellings. Just as the body is one construct, each part having its purpose and unable to fulfill the duties of any other part, so too shall we contribute in our given roles without aspiration or failure.

It is permissible, however, that on the left hand, for instance, the pinky and index fingers quarrel over being counted first. Such bickering is necessary to keep fingers in their place; as placebo for ambition. Lest the fingers and thumb, having an aspiration to rule the body, organize themselves into a fist, unites with the arm that supports it, and together smite the head. As long as the pinky and index fingers are, from their foundation, made to know they can never be the thumb on that hand or a finger on the other hand, let them quarrel.

Getting back to all others; prioritize the acquisition of wealth above all endeavors. In all of your dealings think first of your interests, then the interests of your most intimate acquaintances if it does not conflict with your own. When acquiring materials or wealth, always seek to receive greater value than that for which you are willing to pay. That is to say look to get more than you paid for; as to leave the other party wondering just how bad they were taken in the exchange.

Paying (almost) nothing for what you acquire is the gold standard; covertly plundering unsuspecting allies being the optimal method of acquiring wealth. So when at all possible, come in possession of it under the cloak of secrecy that which has not been secured. Declare war to openly and legally plunder only when stealthy appropriation is improbable. Negotiate, e.g. purchase materials in market, only when a decisive victory in war cannot be reasonably predicted.

The same principle of getting more for far less applies to people. If a man is exploitable, then exploit him; be it an outright confidence scheme or for his own good. Do not resist the compulsion to do so because he will not hesitate to return the favor. Exploit him to the degree whatsoever you are able. If legally permissible, enslave him. If not, then bond him by debt to peonage. If you must compensate a man for his labor, than incentivize him to work for less wages by systematically disqualifying him from better opportunities, e.g. racial profiling, inferior education, etc.

Exploit but do not allow yourself to be exploited. While it is true that some men are inferior (or rather there is a need for them to be inferior) and thus take instructions from their superiors, being exploited is the burden of the exploited. Having subordinates is about having order within a society. Exploitation is about dealings and interactions between parties which go beyond the normal scope; due primarily to the ignorance or naivete of the lesser of the two parties. Therefore it is not shameful to be an inferior, but to be exploitable is disgraceful.

Once you have acquired [a source of] wealth, by all means find contentment with what you have, if you are to enjoy your wealth. Accept your station in this life while hoping to inherit a better class in the next. Frustration in this regard comes from wanting more while being a poor steward of what you do have.

Lastly and certainly not least, it pains me to report that politics prevails over policy. Do not think that you are above politics; either as benefactor or beneficiary. Whether it be by favor derived from the consensus of the majority, e.g. White Privilege, from pressures applied to the necks of elected officials, e.g. organized protests, or the influences of social etiquette—you will be subject to politics.

Example: Regardless of the size of a organization or the number of its hosts your involvement with that organization, whether you are accepted or rejected, praised or persecuted, your fate in essence comes down to a single individual, e.g. being selected for a position in a company of 300,000 employees worldwide (even with intense self study, divine enlightenment, and decades of experience) comes down to the singular perspective of the local hiring manager. Like the days of our youth on the playground; their ball, their rules. The individual with the leverage dictates the politics. This is the “politics of one.”

Despite what a person preaches, be it written, spoken, or implied, remember that a man’s politics will always trump his policies and ultimately influence his procedures. So study well the politics which govern your reality; be it politics in the home, your place of business, or situations that impact your perceived social status, e.g. gender, race, economics, religion, etc. Know your place and your role in that place.

See to it your credentials, i.e. education, affiliations, etc., support your station. But most of all know the role and place of others; from your weakest ally to your strongest nemesis. Use whatever advantages available to gain as much as possible in all situations. Yes, there is value in sound battle-tested policies,and proven procedures. But never underestimate the significance of the politics at play.

Humanity as a basis for kinship or unity is mankind’s ultimate delusion. Trying to establish a peaceful or collaborative relationship with an antagonist individual by appealing to their humanity distracts you from effectively advocating for your personal interests because individuals typically identify and interact as members of families,l, ethnic groups, nationalities and races of people far more consistently than embracing one other simply as human beings. Not the other way around. These layers, family, ethnic, national, and racial interests, are at the very least padding for negotiations. So when you represent yourself only as a human being, with no other allegiance, with no agenda or interests beyond what’s required to survive, you leave yourself open to exploitation.

On the contrary, being human is our most basic and thus selfish self-centered existence; concern only with preservation, procreation, pleasure, and prominence. Therefore be mindful of the interests of all groups to which you belong, and the politics which impact them; be that at a family, tribal, ethnic, or racial level. March peacefully with them. Riot violently with them. Mourn bitterly with them. Do not think yourself exempt from their fate.

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