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Has Affirmative Action Outlived its Usefulness?

Twitter: @1PeopleMW Website: Martin Luther, Father of the Protestant Movement, so elegantly stated, “An earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality of persons. Some must be free, some serfs, some rulers, some subjects.” I concur. Not as

I’d Rather be a Nail

Twitter: @1PeopleMW Website: When asked, I often hear people answer they’d rather be the hammer than a nail, perhaps a variation on Longfellow’s hammer and anvil analogy in his Village Blacksmith poem. I presume they choose

Momentum and Inertia: a Lesson in Relationship Physics

Twitter: @1PeopleMW Website: Why do rational intellectual mature adults do things we regret shortly after? How do arguments between loving couples become so intense that horrible things are said that can never be taken back; relationships

How to Deal with Obnoxious Co-workers; so that you can have a Wonderful Day

Twitter: @1PeopleMW Website: Don’t let the title upset you or deter you from investigating its content. Normally I shun labeling people because once you label someone you have given up on her or him being anything

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