My American-born African Children: Future Ambassadors of Geo-Africanism (Inspired by BOUND: Africans vs African Americans)

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Many centuries ago whenever two alien nations were confronted with the benefit, or necessity, of nurturing a binding alliance between their two people, one way to consummate such solidarity was to intermarry. To ensure the significance of the marriage the couple would consist of persons of stature within the two nations. This meant a prince (or equivalent) of one people would wed a princess of the other. (Politics of the time dictated that the prince came from the dominant culture.)

Eventually the couple would give birth to a child; the personification of the merging of two nations. And this child, through the teachings of its parents and mutual elders, would mature in the intricacies of both cultures, while mastering both tongues. Thus this child will not only become the first translator of the two languages, but the major plank in the bridge between to the two nations.

Such are my African-American children.

I say “my African-American children” in a very proud way. And I mean “African-American” in a very literal way. See, I am a human being by race, an African heritage person by ethnicity, and an American by nationality. I am each of these things and all of these things; without apology.

I am American without hyphen. America is my home. My country. Therefore I am not African-American anymore than “they” are European-Americans as it relates to nationality. However my daughters, my beautiful children who are also American by nationality, have the privilege of being the product of two nations. They are the merging of two bloods. Planks in the bridge between two nations.

The term African-American has (without malice) been a misnomer for my race and nationality. This term is too exclusive, too specific to be either my race or nationality. However, I now know it is most fitting as an ethnic designation, more so for my daughters are than what I am. So when I challenge this term it is not for controversy sake. Nor is it because I am ashamed to be associated with Africa. Far from it!

Lord knows the collective enemy of my African person has tried to sift every ounce of African pride out of me; from within and without the black community. But despite generations of ego lynching and character assassinations, a sliver of this pride has survived; and has in recent years flourished to produce not-so-strange fruit with clinched fists held high. Still I reserve the designation of African-American primarily for children like mine; born of both continental African and black American lineage. They have earned the hyphen because they are the planks in the bridge between our two nations.

With the changes the world has already seen since 2008, e.g. the sociopolitical impact of President Obama, use of DNA to determine tribal lineage, and increased engagement between Africans and African-Americans, my daughters will grow to have all the strengths of both groups with almost none of our weaknesses; kind of like the Marvel Comics© character Blade™:

Due to these changes my daughters will be far less Negro than I and far more Geo-African than their Liberian mother. With the right nurturing my daughters and children like them will have that much more incentive to reach out to African immigrants, be far less incline to stumble over the history of American slavery, and give birth to children who will be far more indignant when speaking up and out against those who would antagonize their African immigrant playmates.

And they will continue to grow…
Some of them will become the greatest ambassadors in our African-African American sibling rivalry here in America. Others may even relocate “back home” to change the face of African politics on the continent; as reformed government officials and grassroots social activists. Their “American-African” upbringing has laid the foundation for such a future.

To “Deegle Deegle” and “Scoopie”
Daddy loves you!

Inspired by the “Brigdes” chapter of BOUND: Africans vs African Americans

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