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Martin Luther King Jr Day 2015: Holiday or Day of Service?

Twitter: @1PeopleMW Let me get right to the point because frankly I don’t want to spend any more time on this post than necessary. I was appalled to discover there was a national movement to recognize

I Second that Emotion!

Twitter: @1PeopleMW The most frequently asked question I receive from women about men (next to “why do men cheat”) is, “do men have emotions?” To that I say unequivocally, “OF COURSE WE HAVE EMOTIONS, WE’RE HUMAN


Twitter: @1PeopleMW [What began as a trip home for a younger cousin’s wedding, July 2011, turned out to be a much needed and long overdue therapeutic stroll down memory lane. And while this experience in no

My American-born African Children: Future Ambassadors of Geo-Africanism (Inspired by BOUND: Africans vs African Americans)

Twitter: @1PeopleMW Many centuries ago whenever two alien nations were confronted with the benefit, or necessity, of nurturing a binding alliance between their two people, one way to consummate such solidarity was to intermarry. To ensure

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