Geo-Africans (Spoken Word)

Twitter: @1PeopleMW

“We have come… to this place… Have gathered… in this space,
to purchase moments of life with the currency of love–We…
…have come HERE…
to barter for knowledge with the sum of our experiences–We…
…have come HERE; …have traveled through the Wormholes of time…
…drenched in the sweat of planetary protests, stained with the blood of global revolutions and soaked in the tears of a thousand lamenting mothers in prayer around the world–We…

…are here without regard to those who are not.
Yes, we ARE our brothers’ keepers.
Our brothers and our sisters are HERE; in this place.

When the others are ready… they will join us, HERE.
We are here, in this place, in this space, not as one with a single standard, but as many……many nations with countless variations.

[Roll Call] We have come from the West:
From Liberia to Nigeria
From Ghana to Gambia
From Cameroon to the Congo
Sierra Leone to Senegal
Angola to Algeria

[Roll Call] And from the East:
From Somalia to the Sudans
From Kenya to Ethiopian
From Egypt; the cradle of civilization
From the tip of Cape Town, to the peak of Mozambique

[Roll Call] And from the so-called Diaspora:
From Germany, France, and the UK
From the snowy banks of Norway… yes, there are black people there too!
From the Caribbean… or Care-a-Be-an, depending on which side of the bed you woke up.
And not least of all… from America

These… our mothers… the countries of the world… were seeded by our father… A-FRI-ka!
Thus we are Africans GLOBALLY

And we will not compromise any of what we have been or have become to exist here;
In this place
In this space; a space we have forge for this very purpose

Without apology or compromise

Many flags, ONE PEOPLE!

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